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50 Computer Science Schools That Are Changing the World

Nov 11, 2014 |

With the computing revolution well underway, computer science undergirds nearly every facet of modern life. Discovery and innovation are increasingly computational endeavors, not just in scientific research, but in medicine, business, humanities and the arts. As a field of study, computer science is attracting many of the most talented minds of our time. Graduates from Read more…

Students Get a Taste of Supercomputing at TeraGrid Conference

Aug 12, 2010 |

It wasn’t hard to spot the students who took part in the TeraGrid ’10 conference in Pittsburgh, Pa., last week. All you had to do was look for the yellow shirts. More than 100 students took part in the event — graduate students, undergrads, and high schoolers. This is our second in a series of articles covering the TeraGrid conference.

TeraGrid, the Social Experiment Continues

Jun 29, 2009 |

Deep, wide and open: these three simple words have endured as shorthand for TeraGrid’s enabling vision.

Wild World of Global Grids

Jun 25, 2009 |

From Teragrid ’09: Tuesday morning’s panel on “Global Grid Perspectives” gave a taste of the future while, at the same time, acknowledging some of the obstacles, such as the importance of standardization and the difficulties of funding.