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White House Announces Project to Spur HPC Adoption in US Manufacturing

Mar 3, 2011 |

The White House hosted a press conference on Wednesday to announce a new public-private partnership that aims to bring HPC technology to the have-nots of the US manufacturing sector. Using a $2 million grant from the US Department of Commerce and an additional $2.5 million investment from industrial partners, a consortium has been formed to broaden the use of HPC technology by small manufacturing enterprises (SMEs).

In Simulation Work, the Demand Is Real

Jun 15, 2009 |

The use of computer simulations is growing even as the economy struggles.

Examining the International Computational Ecosystem

May 7, 2009 |

At the end of April, the World Technology Evaluation Center released its latest report, the International Assessment of Research and Development in Simulation-Based Engineering and Science. The authors and study sponsors set upon a research effort to figure out how key elements of the computational infrastructure are shaping up, what needs to be done to kick start lagging elements, and how the US compares to the rest of the world.

Simulation Angst

May 7, 2009 |

A new NSF-funded report on computer simulation R&D worries that the US is losing its mojo in this important technology.