Tag: computer simulations

Aussie Supercomputer Simulates Common Cold’s Susceptibility to New Drug

Jul 18, 2012 |

Blue Gene/Q super gives researchers better picture of drug-virus interaction.

Meet the Exascale Apps

Apr 12, 2012 |

In what will be a three-decade span between gigascale and exascale computing, HPC capability will have increased by a factor of one billion, but the apps that are projected to use this enormous increase in capability look pretty much like the gigascale ones. Are we missing opportunities as we push the apex of HPC higher?

HPC Technology Makes Car Safety Job 1

Aug 5, 2010 |

Automakers turn to computer simulations to design safer vehicles.

UTC SimCenter Called ‘Gold Mine’ for Local Economy

Jul 14, 2010 |

University research center could become economic catalyst for Chattanooga.

IBM Invents Short-Cut to Assessing Data Quality

Feb 25, 2010 |

In what IBM is characterizing as a “breakthrough,” researchers have developed an algorithm that cuts the computational costs of assessing data quality by two orders of magnitude. The new algorithm has potentially far-reaching applicability, extending to nearly all types of analytics applications as well as scientific modeling and simulation.

Primed to Power Tech Growth

Jan 25, 2010 |

Milwaukee Institute wants to share its computer cluster to create jobs.