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Convey Debuts Second-Generation Hybrid-Core Platform

Nov 9, 2010 |

In an HPC market that seems determined to go down the CPU-GPU path, upstart Convey Computer may yet offer a few surprises. The company today unveiled the sequel to its HC-1 platform it introduced in 2008. Called the HC-1ex, the new system adds a lot more performance and capability, but retains the original x86-FPGA co-processor design.

For AMD, All Paths Lead to CPU-GPU Fusion

Jun 14, 2010 |

AMD has not been at the forefront of the emerging GPU computing paradigm, but the company’s upcoming Fusion processors and its commitment to OpenCL could provide a compelling strategy for bringing graphics acceleration to high performance computing.

IBM Brings NVIDIA Tesla GPUs Onboard

May 18, 2010 |

NVIDIA’s GPU computing ambitions got a major boost today with IBM’s announcement of the iDataPlex dx360 M3. The new HPC server pairs two Tesla GPUs with two CPUs inside the same server chassis.