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Red Tape, Kryptonite Chains Prompt Resignation of NASA CTO

Mar 15, 2011 |

Citing confining agency policies and the vision of turning to the startup lifestyle NASA CTO Chris Kemp formally resigned today.

Cisco’s Cloud CTO Clarifies Strategy, Describes Datacenters of the Future

Jan 24, 2011 |

Cisco’s CTO of Cloud Computing, Lew Tucker, came clean on the company’s cloud strategy this week in a video interview. In addition to revealing a rough path for the coming months, Tucker also revealed his insights about the “many clouds” theory, the role of the network in cloud computing, and innovations that could change datacenter design.

Silicon Valley: A Thumbs-Up for CTO Aneesh Chopra

Apr 21, 2009 |

Obama taps Virginia’s secretary of technology, to be the U.S. Chief Technology Officer.