D-Wave Debuts Advantage2 Prototype; Seeks User Exploration and Feedback

June 16, 2022

Starting today, D-Wave Systems is providing access to a 500-plus-qubit prototype of its forthcoming 7000-qubit Advantage2 quantum annealing computer, which is d Read more…

D-Wave Embraces Gate-Based Quantum Computing; Charts Path Forward

October 21, 2021

Earlier this month D-Wave Systems, the quantum computing pioneer that has long championed quantum annealing-based quantum computing (and sometimes taken heat fo Read more…

ORNL’s Raphael Pooser on DoE’s Quantum Testbed Project

March 11, 2020

Quantum computing and quantum information science generally are areas of aggressive research at the Department of Energy. Their promise, of course, is tantalizi Read more…

Quantum Bits: Q-Ctrl, D-Wave Start News Flow on Eve of APS March Meeting

February 27, 2020

The annual trickle of quantum computing news during the lead-up to next week’s APS March Meeting 2020 has begun. Yesterday D-Wave introduced a significant upgrade to its quantum portal and tool suite, Leap2. Today quantum computing start-up Q-Ctrl announced the beta release of its ‘professional-grade’ tool Boulder Opal software... Read more…

D-Wave’s Path to 5000 Qubits; Google’s Quantum Supremacy Claim

September 24, 2019

On the heels of IBM’s quantum news last week come two more quantum items. D-Wave Systems today announced the name of its forthcoming 5000-qubit system, Advantage (yes the name choice isn’t serendipity), at its user conference being held this week in Newport, RI. Read more…

Japan Researchers Develop Algorithm to Improve D-Wave Systems Capability

April 15, 2019

Tohoku University researchers and scientists from automotive components manufacturer Denso report developing an algorithm that improves the ability of D-Wave Sy Read more…

D-Wave Previews Next-Gen Platform; Debuts Pegasus Topology; Targets 5000 Qubits

February 27, 2019

Quantum computing pioneer D-Wave Systems today “previewed” plans for its next-gen adiabatic annealing quantum computing platform which will feature a new un Read more…

Quantum Computing Collaboration Between Microsoft and Rambus

January 6, 2016

Rambus Inc., the chip technology intellectual property vendor, is working with Microsoft Research on future memory requirements for quantum computing. Rambus Read more…

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5 HPC Optimization Techniques

For many organizations, decisions about whether to run HPC workloads in the cloud or in on-premises datacenters are less all-encompassing and more about leveraging both infrastructures strategically to optimize HPC workloads across hybrid environments. From multi-clouds to on-premises, dark, edge, and point of presence (PoP) datacenters, data comes from all directions and in all forms while HPC workloads run in every dimension of modern datacenter schemes. HPC has become multi-dimensional and must be managed as such.

This white paper explores several of these new strategies and tools for optimizing HPC workloads across all dimensions to achieve breakthrough results in Microsoft Azure.

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