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Top HPC Cloud Luminaries Gather in Germany

Nov 2, 2010 |

Last week leading figures from the HPC and cloud realm gathered in Frankfurt, Germany, for the ISC Cloud Conference, which was organized by the same team that puts together the long-running International Supercomputing Conference each year. The conference drew leading speakers from industry and academia to discuss the challenges, benefits and future of cloud for high-performance computing.

Microsoft’s Dan Reed on New Paradigms for Scientific Discovery

Oct 29, 2010 |

Microsoft’s Dan Reed recently explained the theoretical basis for the company’s latest push to open the clouds for scientific users who require high-performance computing but who are often bound by cost constraints and the need to shed the systems maintenance overhead.

Technical Clouds: Seeding Discovery – An Interview with Microsoft’s Dan Reed

Sep 16, 2010 |

Dan Reed helps drive Microsoft’s long-term technology vision and the associated policy engagement with governments and institutions around the world. He is also responsible for the company’s R&D on parallel and extreme scale computing. In advance of his keynote at ISC Cloud in Frankfurt, Dan answers questions about the future of technical clouds and summarizes key challenges and highlights of the cloud for scientific computing.

Dan Reed Speaks Out on Technical Clouds

Sep 14, 2010 |

Microsoft VP to deliver keynote at upcoming ISC Cloud event.

Twins Separated at Birth: Cloud Computing, HPC and How Microsoft Is Trying To Change How We Think About Scale

Mar 12, 2009 |

Long-time HPC’er Dan Reed joined Microsoft to make things happen — very big things. When Microsoft announced its Cloud Computing Futures group at a technical showcase in late February, the company tapped Reed as the man responsible for developing the infrastructure that will transform the reliability, usability and capabilities of the world’s largest computational resources.