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Cloud@Home: Goals, Challenges and Benefits of a Volunteer Cloud

Mar 17, 2011 |

Building on ideas from grid computing, Dr. Salvatore Distefano and Dr. Antonio Puliafito discuss the concept of volunteer computing via Cloud@Home. This could be a way for implementing ubiquitous and pervasive computing as many computational devices and systems can be engaged simultaneously for performing ordinary activities, and may not necessarily be aware that they are doing so.

Options Increasing for Cloud-Ready Data Centers

Nov 23, 2010 |

A number of vendors are looking for ways to improve their current data center offerings to make them more attractive to enterprises looking to invest in hardware but with the possibility of bursting into the cloud or making use of the private cloud model from the outset.

Intel Lays Groundwork to Fulfill 2015 Cloud Vision

Oct 29, 2010 |

This week Intel announced its vision for the cloud in 2015, which targets a number of issues including interoperability standards, efficiency, security and simplication of use across devices. While the breadth of the announcement is far-reaching and the goals lofty, the company is finally laying forth the first pieces of how it views itself as part of the “paradigm shift” of cloud computing — even if it’s clear that some of the ideals might take longer than 2015 to be realized.

The Shape of Enterprise Cloud Models in 2020

Jun 11, 2010 |

This week research firm BroadGroup suggested that by 2020 only 10 percent of all applications will remain within the private cloud for enterprise. To get to the heart of this statement, we discussed this and larger datacenter trends in enterprise with report author Marion Howard Healy.

Is Cloud Computing Really Killing the Planet?

Apr 2, 2010 |

Greenpeace report on the cloud’s carbon footprint is flawed.

Obama Budget Halts IT Growth, Cuts Data Centers

Feb 2, 2010 |

White House looks to modernize operations at federal data centers.

IBM Building Zero-Emission Data Centers

Nov 6, 2009 |

Swiss supercomputer will use liquid cooling to capture waste heat.

Keeping Your Cool in the Data Center

Apr 21, 2006 |

As more computational muscle is incorporated into blade servers, clusters and supercomputers, the resulting increases in power and heat have become a significant challenge for the data center. Power-hungry blade servers, in particular, have become a major source of thermal pollution. The IT manager is left trying to reconcile the increases in computational demand with the ability of the data center to accommodate it.