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Tag: data parallel

Microsoft Cranks its AMP

Feb 7, 2012 |

Software maker offers heterogeneous computing in a C++ wrapper.

Is Larrabee For the Rest of Us?

Nov 12, 2009 |

One man’s attempt to to do regular-expression matching with the Larrabee instruction set.

The Multicore Future, and How to Survive It

Aug 26, 2009 |

Yet another organization takes a crack at multicore programming.

RapidMind Gets Swallowed by Intel

Aug 20, 2009 |

Another one bites the dust.

Intel Gets Ready to Push Ct Out of the Lab

Apr 7, 2009 |

Intel’s Ct data parallel programming technology, aimed at manycore architectures, is on its way to becoming a product, with a beta release scheduled for late this year. While this is potentially great news for Larrabee, Intel’s upcoming manycore architecture, a marriage between Ct and Larrabee is not as obvious as it sounds.