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The SaaS Stepping Stone to Strong IaaS Support

Mar 15, 2011 |

We recently published an article that provided the opinions of a number of thought and industry leaders on the subject of public cloud viability for mission-critical or business-critical needs. While the responses were rather wide-ranging, there were a few common issues (including matters of cost, security and existing investment) that got Robin Meehan’s wheels turning.

Cisco’s Cloud CTO Clarifies Strategy, Describes Datacenters of the Future

Jan 24, 2011 |

Cisco’s CTO of Cloud Computing, Lew Tucker, came clean on the company’s cloud strategy this week in a video interview. In addition to revealing a rough path for the coming months, Tucker also revealed his insights about the “many clouds” theory, the role of the network in cloud computing, and innovations that could change datacenter design.

CERN Taps Brocade For Network Refresh

Dec 2, 2010 |

Organization preps for 100GbE core network.

Intel Pilots HPC Workstation Clustering Program

Sep 15, 2010 |

Cubicle Clustered Computing concept aimed at HPC’s “missing middle.”

Startup Makes Liquid Cooling an Immersive Experience

Aug 31, 2010 |

There’s nothing like a blazing hot summer to focus one’s attention on the best ways to keep cool. That goes for datacenter operators as well, who are equally worried about keeping their servers properly chilled. While there is no shortage of innovative cooling solutions being proffered by various vendors, a new liquid immersion cooling solution from startup Green Revolution Cooling could end up being the best of them all.

Behind Iceland’s Green Cloud

Aug 17, 2010 |

An interview with Icelandic cloud provider GreenQloud’s CEO. The new company is a “provider of the world’s first truly green public compute cloud” but some take issue with the “first” designation and wonder about storing data on a volcanic island–even if the costs might be lower and the feeling “greener.”

The Coming ‘C’ Change in Datacenters

Jun 15, 2010 |

The good folks at the Uptime Institute estimate that datacenter CO2 emissions will quadruple between 2010 and 2020; also that annual global datacenter CO2 emissions are already on par with the CO2 emissions of the airline industry, or even entire countries. Maybe we should put datacenters in airplanes and keep all the CO2 flying around.

Back to the Future: Solid-State Storage in Cloud Computing

May 28, 2010 |

Solid-state devices based on Flash and PCIe are emerging as a new class of enterprise storage option — Tier-0. Tier-0 is an optimized storage tier specifically for high performance workloads, which can benefit the most from using flash memory.

Focus on Distributed Computing at Microsoft Research

May 7, 2010 |

Microsoft Research is simplifying applications written to work with a small amount of data hosted on a local client machine to data center scale, running it on HPC clusters or in a public cloud

Startup Takes Aim at Performance-Killing Vibration in Datacenter

Jan 19, 2010 |

All that noise and vibration you experience in the datacenter is not just annoying; it’s also killing the performance of your hard disk drives. So says Green Platform CEO Gus Malek-Madani, who thinks he has developed an innovative rack design that will reclaim storage I/O performance and, in the process, save datacenters billions of dollars.