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TACC Drug Discovery Portal Empowers Researchers Worldwide

Oct 22, 2015 |

Where do you turn if you are a researcher who needs to quickly identify drug candidates for diseases ranging from obesity to tuberculosis to leishmaniasis, a tropical disease caused by the bite of a sand fly? You turn to the DrugDiscovery@TACC portal, which is currently helping more than 100 researchers worldwide model, simulate and generate Read more…

Minimizing Drug Side Effects with HPC

Oct 20, 2014 |

It’s an unfortunate side effect of the drug development process that unsafe drugs sometimes slip through the extensive vetting period. So far no magic bullet drug has been developed that is completely without risk, but scientists are working hard to root out dangerous side effects, which according to the journal Nature, kill at least 100,000 patients Read more…

HPC Speeds HIV Drug Discovery

Oct 9, 2014 |

As with a number of potentially deadly diseases, time is of the essence when it comes to fighting HIV, a virus that affects an estimated 35 million people worldwide. Finding new drugs to treat HIV can take many years, but a new computer model is reducing the time it takes to find promising drug compounds down to Read more…

Aussie Supercomputer Simulates Common Cold’s Susceptibility to New Drug

Jul 18, 2012 |

Blue Gene/Q super gives researchers better picture of drug-virus interaction.

Cloud-Based Drug Discovery Platforms Proliferate

Jun 18, 2011 |

As pharmaceutical companies grow more comfortable with the cloud concept, services providing outsourcing of discovery and collaboration are set to grow.

Bill Gates Seeds Cloud-Driven Biopharmaceutical Company

Mar 16, 2011 |

Nimbus, a rising star in the drug discovery sphere has significantly sped its time to market using cloud-based models.

Adoption of SaaS in the Life Sciences

Feb 28, 2011 |

In this entry Bruce Maches takes a high-level look at SaaS and how it can be leveraged by these organizations to help them meet their research objectives in a more cost effective and timely manner.

Ushering Biotech Firms into the Cloud

Feb 1, 2011 |

Biotech firms require vast computational resources and for those smaller companies, this means maximizing current infrastructure and processes as much as possible. Bruce Maches weighs in one a recent implementation, looking at the challenges and possibilities for these companies.

Managing Clinical Trials in the Cloud

Aug 24, 2010 |

To support large scale clinical trials, life science CIOs must deal with the challenges of provisioning and supporting vital hardware and software infrastructure. While there are a number of applications for managing clinical trials many life science companies are looking to cloud based offerings to reduce complexity and cost.

Drug Discovery and Development in the Cloud

May 21, 2010 |

Continued advances in drug discovery will exponentially increase the amount of data generated during the discovery process. IT organizations or vendors that can supply the needed cloud-based infrastructure services in a secure and reliable manner will certainly do well in this space.