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China Cashes in on Cloud

Sep 11, 2012 |

From 2001-2011, China’s GDP grew an astounding 550 percent. During the same time period, the US economy increased by just 50 percent. Given China’s dramatic growth, the country appears to be focused on catching up with the United States in a variety of aspects including defense, technology and even Olympic medals. A recent flurry of announcements indicate that China is betting on cloud technologies, even besting some US providers at their own game.

Azure on the Horizon

Jul 13, 2010 |

Microsoft’s Partner Conference kicked off yesterday in Washington, yielding news about several key partnerships with household names like HP, Dell and eBay and more expected to come during the week, including Fujitsu. Less than a year after Azure’s release, the company’s partner-centered strategy is starting to unfold.

The Grid-Cloud Connection (Pt. I): Compare and Contrast

Oct 8, 2008 |

Burned to some degree by the confusion surrounding grid computing, many vendors have drastically cut the term from their marketing strategies. As a result, these vendors are not so quick to latch onto cloud computing. However, many of their new directions could easily fall under the cloud umbrella, and those in the know readily acknowledge that grid technologies underlie the cloud. So, what’s a middleware vendor to do? How can a user tell the difference?