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Is the ECC Performance Price Worth it for GPUs?

Mar 13, 2014 |

Listen to the podcast followup on this story. One of several elements that separates high performance computing GPUs from their gaming and graphics brethren is the addition of ECC codes, which target critical bit-flip errors in memory, which can lead to invalid results or system problems. While ECC is often deemed a necessary component for Read more…

Google: Computer Memory Flakier Than Expected

Oct 8, 2009 |

Search giant publishes some surprising findings.

NVIDIA Changes the Calculation with ‘Fermi’ GPU

Oct 1, 2009 |

Company pushes the envelope for GPU computing.

Reliable Memory: Coming to a GPU Near You

Sep 2, 2009 |

GPUs are becoming more like CPUs. But in the critical area of error corrected memory, graphics hardware still lags. The lack of error correction is probably the single biggest factor that makes users of GPUs for high performance computing nervous. The good news is that graphics chip vendors are aware of the problem and it appears to be only a matter of time before GPUs get a memory makeover.

The Case for ECC Memory in Nvidia’s Next GPU

Aug 20, 2009 |

Will Nvidia’s ambitions in GPU computing lead it to ECC memory?