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Supercomputing Education in Russia

Apr 4, 2012 |

<img style=”float: left;” src=”” alt=”” width=”115″ height=”90″ />The second year of “Supercomputing Education” project in Russia has completed. The idea for the project was presented to the President of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev, back in 2009. The work was immediately approved and scheduled for the 2010–2012 timeframe, with the implementation assigned to Lomonosov Moscow State University, the university that hosts the largest supercomputing center of Russia.

Cloud Computing: It’s Not Just for Rocket Scientists

Dec 5, 2011 |

In addition to benefiting a host of industrial and formal research workloads, cloud computing is proving to be an invaluable tool for university students. By developing Master Thesis projects related to this technology, students can complement their standard education and perhaps even create the next scientific breakthrough or successful software startup in the process. What follows is a showcasing of the work done by a group of students at the Complutense University of Madrid.

Watson Goes to Washington

Mar 2, 2011 |

New Jersey Congressman Rush Holt beat IBM’s AI darling.

The Gathering Storm, Five Years On

Dec 9, 2010 |

Latest National Academy of Sciences report describes continuing decline of US science and technology leadership.

2010 Cloud Education and Outreach Innovators: Microsoft

Nov 10, 2010 |

While Microsoft has a solid platform and several tools in place for scientific users, one arena where the company certainly stands out is in their mission to engage and education the vast “missing middle” of potential cloud users. Others, like IBM are in close running for such an award, but the Redmond giant has been prolific and notable in its engagement efforts.

A CEO’s Take on US Competitiveness

Apr 29, 2010 |

Even multinationals get the blues.

The Week in Review

Mar 25, 2010 |

The Computing Research Association reports that computer science enrollment has been increasing; and IBM and Forschungszentrum Juelich partner on Exascale Innovation Center. We recap those stories and more in our weekly wrapup.

Wales Gets £44 Million Supercomputing Institute

Dec 9, 2009 |

Universities of Cardiff and Swansea to deliver ‘HPC Wales.’

Ubiquitous Parallelism and the Classroom

Nov 20, 2009 |

The oft-contended best simple statement is that we need ubiquitous parallelism in the classroom. In the near future, most electronic devices will have multiple cores which would benefit greatly from parallel programming. The low hanging fruit is, of course, the student’s laptop, and aiding the student to make full use of that laptop.

A Stimulus Package for HPC

Feb 19, 2009 |

A long-standing concern in HPC is the graying of the industry. That is, new people are not coming in at the skilled positions as older ones retire.