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Survey Reveals that Business Owners of Open-Source Crave Support the Most

Jul 1, 2013 |

Most of us know that Open-Source software is continuing to penetrate today’s enterprises with the vast majority using it in some capacity, but there appears to be a new shift in the usage model. At Univa, we are seeing a number of enterprises move towards a supported software model. This is not an indictment of open-source, we have been told, but rather a sign of the challenges an enterprise faces without the availability of suitable support for mission-critical applications.

Cray Cracks Commercial HPC Code

Jun 20, 2013 |

During a conversation this week with Cray CEO, Peter Ungaro, we learned that the company has managed to extend its reach into the enterprise HPC market quite dramatically–at least in supercomputing business terms. With steady growth into these markets, however, the focus on hardware versus the software side of certain problems for such users is….

Cray Answers Mid-Market’s Call

May 7, 2013 |

Seattle-based supercomputer maker Cray has revealed the latest addition to its portfolio: the Cray XC30-AC (air-cooled) supercomputer. The new product leverages Cray’s XC30 flagship technology to address technical enterprise price points and new classes of users.

Cheap HPC Resources Rain on Enterprise

Jun 1, 2012 |

Cloud services assist in the democratization of high-performance computing.

Software Development in the Cloud: Changing Opinions and a Bright Future Ahead

Sep 13, 2011 |

Cloud has been a boon for software developers, who were previously beholden to enterprise infrastructures to get their applications up and running. In almost every way, the cloud has begun to offer the benefits promised during those moments when it was first teased, making many IT executives anxious to fully tap its potential as a business technology investment.

SunGard Study Cites Mainstream Cloud

Sep 5, 2011 |

A recent survey of 250 CIOs marked maturation for enterprise clouds.

Latin American Cloud Complications Persist

Aug 23, 2011 |

A new report examined the education, perception and infrastructure challenges that are blocking cloud adoption in Latin America.

Fujitsu Leader Anticipates Enterprise “Revolution”

May 16, 2011 |

This week Tony Doyle provided insights into his company’s enterprise cloud focus.

New Season, Same Umbrella

May 16, 2011 |

Scott Clark argues that the more similar that we can make cloud infrastructures to the
enterprise infrastructures we have today, the more comfortable customers
will be with using cloud from a security perspective.

The SaaS Stepping Stone to Strong IaaS Support

Mar 15, 2011 |

We recently published an article that provided the opinions of a number of thought and industry leaders on the subject of public cloud viability for mission-critical or business-critical needs. While the responses were rather wide-ranging, there were a few common issues (including matters of cost, security and existing investment) that got Robin Meehan’s wheels turning.