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Exascale Blood Dries on U.S. Axe

Apr 11, 2013 |

The federal R&D budget figures for 2014 have been released and as many suspected following last year’s pushback on the exascale timeline, there was no room left in the government wallet for one quintillion FLOPS. According to Dr. John Holdren, who remarked on the federal research and development…

Canonical, Autonomic Resources Push Open Source Government Clouds

Feb 11, 2011 |

As federal agencies seek to meet the demands of the “Cloud First” policy, vendor relationships like the one struck among Dell, Canonical and Autonomic Resources aim to deliver on open source, cost-efficiency goals.

U.S. Government Sets Baseline for Cloud Providers

Nov 8, 2010 |

This week the federal government in the U.S. released a comprehensive set of guidelines for agencies considering moving some of their operations to the cloud that provides a baseline for evaluating and approving cloud providers.

Federal Cloud Roadmap Still in Development Stages

Jul 22, 2010 |

The benefits of cloud computing are already reshaping enterprise IT planning. Now the federal government is aiming to similarly leverage the model’s strengths — though plenty of obstacles remain.

The U.S. Federal Government And Cloud Computing

Apr 12, 2010 |

For the federal government a shift to the cloud translates into billions in cost savings, depending on the scope of the transition.