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Exascale Storage Group Aims to Bring I/O Up to Speed

Apr 5, 2012 |

<img style=”float: left;” src=”http://media2.hpcwire.com/hpcwire/server_storage.jpg” alt=”” width=”114″ height=”90″ />The first meeting of the Exascale IO Workgroup (EIOW) brought together stakeholders looking to develop open source middleware for exascale file systems. Peter Braam, who heads up the File Systems group at Xyratex and is one of the principle drivers behind EIOW, helped facilitate much of the initial discussion. We asked Braam about the outcome of the first workshop gathering, the significance of the EIOW effort, and why exascale I/O needs special attention.

Parallel File System OrangeFS Starts to Build a Following

Nov 18, 2011 |

If you thought Lustre and GPFS were your only two choices for a high performance, scalable parallel file system, then you’ve probably never heard of OrangeFS. We talked with three of the file system’s developers and backers to discuss the unique attributes of OrangeFS and how it’s being used in the field.

Storage at Exascale: Some Thoughts from Panasas CTO Garth Gibson

May 25, 2011 |

Exascale computing is not just about FLOPS. It will also require a new breed of external storage capable of feeding these exaflop beasts. Panasas co-founder and chief technology officer Garth Gibson has some ideas on how this can be accomplished and we asked him to expound on the topic in some detail.

Active Archives: A Way to Tame the Data Monster

Apr 28, 2010 |

It seems like every information technology has its own industry trade group these days. The latest one to join the herd is the Active Archive Alliance, a group dedicated to pushing active archive solutions into the mainstream. The Alliance was announced this week with its founding members Compellent Technologies, FileTek, QStar Technologies, and Spectra Logic.