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Light Summer Reading: Crowd-sourcing Algorithms to Beat Wall Street

Jul 27, 2016 |

Looking to cash in on your algorithm expertise? Join the crowd. A three-year-old hedge fund investment company, Quantopian, that crowd-sources algorithms to guide its investing has just received a new infusion of $250M to play with and continues scanning the crowd for mathematical keys to success. When an algorithm is used by the company and Read more…

Global Insurance Firm Boosts Financial Modeling Capability

Feb 10, 2011 |

ING Insurance Benelux announced that it was making use of a solution to improve the speed and accuracy of insurance assessment models for risk managers.

Quants Gone Wild

Feb 26, 2009 |

It’s fascinating to read the post-mortem analysis of the economic meltdown, especially as it relates to the role quantitative analysts and their high-tech financial models played in pushing the industry off a cliff.