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A Handful of Giants: the Coming Cloud Cartels

Feb 7, 2012 |

A recent Forrester report predicts that by 2020 the vast cloud landscape will be under the control of a small number of companies.

The Politics of Cloud Strategy

Sep 16, 2010 |

During a Nasscom summit on remote infrastructure management this week, John C. McCarthy, a leading analyst from Forrester Research, stated that “offering a cloud strategy to customers in the United States is a politically correct alternative to offshoring given the current climate,” which is more “palatable” politically.

Analysts Talk Up IT Recovery

Jan 14, 2010 |

Will the computer industry lead us out of the economic wilderness?

Forrester’s Advice to CFOs: Embrace Cloud Computing to Cut Costs

Oct 31, 2008 |

Cloud computing could offer noticable payoffs during the current economic downturn.

Who’s Getting ROI from Cloud Computing Now

Oct 17, 2008 |

At a recent Cloud Computing Symposium held by SDForum, there was evidence of tremendous payoff from cloud computing.