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Delivering Geospatial Information Systems to the Mainstream

Jan 11, 2011 |

Despite the recession – or arguably because of the recession – the cloud is changing the way GIS services are developed and delivered. This year promises major and fast-paced changes: a lower-cost infrastructure for developing spatial applications; more robust, creative and sophisticated business, government and consumer uses; and a rapidly-expanding pool of spatial technology users.

GIS Applications Take to the Clouds

Jul 20, 2010 |

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) applications have been among those relegated to the traditional mode of software delivery until more recently as some of the main players in the industry have taken the first tentative steps toward to the clouds. This new delivery model marks a paradigm shift from a business model standpoint and has the potential to bring compute-intensive GIS applications to a larger user base than ever before.

Delivering HPC to the New Main Street

Jul 20, 2010 |

Rocky Mountain Supercomputing Center is one of several such centers across the nation providing high-performance compute power to boost local and regional business and government initiatives. This is what Ed Dodds, Director of RMSC calls “HPC for the New Main Street.”