NVIDIA’s Supercomputing Kepler GPU Lands In Workstations

Aug 9, 2012 |

Anyone for a 5-teraflop personal computer?

NVIDIA Eyes Post-CUDA Era of GPU Computing

Dec 7, 2011 |

Lost in the flotilla of vendor news at the Supercomputing Conference (SC11) in Seattle last month was the announcement of a new directives-based parallel programming standard for accelerators. Called OpenACC, the open standard is intended to bring GPU computing into the realm of the average programmer, while making the resulting code portable across other accelerators and even multicore CPUs.

GPGPU Acceleration: The PGI Option

Jun 27, 2011 |

The Portland Group’s directives-based approach to programming accelerators.

Top 10 Objections to GPU Computing Reconsidered

Jun 9, 2011 |

As we approach the four-year release anniversary of NVIDIA CUDA, arguably the ground zero of the GPGPU movement, there are many who have flirted, piloted and adopted the technology, but many more who are sitting on the sidelines for various reasons. In our work, we have come across many of the latter, and have thus compiled a list of the most common questions, concerns and assertions that preempt efforts to evaluate the technology.

Chinese Super Breaks World Record in Application Performance

Jun 9, 2011 |

Science code hits 1.87 petaflops on top-ranked Tianhe-1A.

GPGPUs Bloom in Scotland

Jun 1, 2011 |

Spring issue of EPCC News shines spotlight on GPUs in high performance computing.

AMD Hitches Hopes to Fusion

Jun 1, 2011 |

AMD execs answer tough questions about tying the future of AMD to GPGPU movement.

Dual-Use GPUs for Servers — AMD and NVIDIA Mind Their P’s and Q’s

May 19, 2011 |

AMD pitches FirePro V7800P against NVIDIA’s Tesla M2070Q.

Roadblocks Ahead for GPGPU Adoption

May 13, 2011 |

The adoption curve for GPU computing is being slowed by programming and ISV challenges according to NVIDIA Chief Solution Architect.

The Weekly Top Five

May 12, 2011 |

The Weekly Top Five features the five biggest HPC stories of the week, condensed for your reading pleasure. This week, we cover the Cray/Sandia partership to found a knowledge institute; RenderStream’s FireStream-based workstations and servers; NVIDIA’s latest CUDA centers; Reservoir Labs and Intel’s extreme scale ambitions; and Jülich Supercomputing Centre’s new hybrid cluster.