Tag: Green Revolution Cooling

Servers Take a Bath; A Pilot to Energize US Manufacturing

Sep 3, 2010 |

Michael and Addison discuss the immersive liquid cooling offering from startup Green Revolution Cooling. Then Addison speaks with Jon Riley from the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences about HPC in manufacturing.

Startup Makes Liquid Cooling an Immersive Experience

Aug 31, 2010 |

There’s nothing like a blazing hot summer to focus one’s attention on the best ways to keep cool. That goes for datacenter operators as well, who are equally worried about keeping their servers properly chilled. While there is no shortage of innovative cooling solutions being proffered by various vendors, a new liquid immersion cooling solution from startup Green Revolution Cooling could end up being the best of them all.

Supercomputers When They Sizzle

Jul 15, 2010 |

Beating the heat with liquid cooling.