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Tag: HPC 360

HPC 360 Highlights Manufacturing’s Missing Middle

Oct 5, 2010 |

Last week, HPC resource provider R Systems hosted its annual HPC 360 conference with a distinct focus on empowering the missing middle of manufacturing via access to high-performance computing capabilities. The event highlighted the need for complex software packages for modeling and simulation and on a larger level, emphasized the value of the “Silicon Prairie” as an enabler for businesses feeding into the larger international manufacturing supply chain.

Sneak Peek into The SCinet Sandbox

Oct 4, 2010 |

During the HPC 360 event last week I caught up with Al Stutz from Avatec who disucssed using geographically distributed Infiniband clusters in a common Infiniband mesh, which will be demonstrated at SC10.

Weighing the Queue, Evaluating the Utility

Oct 4, 2010 |

During last week’s HPC 360 event, Matt Dunbar, Chief Software Architect for SIMULIA discussed the challenges of running out of capacity on in-house systems and what evaluation measures are required when considering deploying on-demand resources for post-processing.