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Bull Exec Spells Out HPC On Demand Appeal

Jul 5, 2011 |

Andrew Carr from Bull explained the ways that high performance computing on demand is opening doors to new ways to using and accessing HPC.

Bull’s Market for HPC on Demand

May 18, 2011 |

French high performance computing vendor Bull announced its HPC cloud service, eXtreme Factory at SC10, emphasizing its value for simulation-driven customers. This week we checked in on progress with the company’s head of HPC, Pascal Barbolosi, to see how the platform has weathered its first six months.

Opening Sequences for HPC on Demand

May 11, 2011 |

Next-generation sequencing has opened a world of possibilities for science and medicine, but for providers of remote high performance computing like Penguin Computing via its HPC on demand service, the new world of massive genomics analytics has opened other doors–for researchers and their own business model.

HPC 360 Highlights Manufacturing’s Missing Middle

Oct 5, 2010 |

Last week, HPC resource provider R Systems hosted its annual HPC 360 conference with a distinct focus on empowering the missing middle of manufacturing via access to high-performance computing capabilities. The event highlighted the need for complex software packages for modeling and simulation and on a larger level, emphasized the value of the “Silicon Prairie” as an enabler for businesses feeding into the larger international manufacturing supply chain.

HPC-as-a-Service Gaining Traction in Enterprise Arena

Sep 29, 2010 |

Data accumulation rates are growing astronomically and managing data in traditional ways is getting difficult in the same proportion. HPC is emerging as a champion for large-scale data management needs in the enterprise. It is required by businesses that rely on high powered analytics to provide data driven insights, companies that need more than simple reports and dashboards and is increasingly being delivered on-demand via HPC as a Service.

To Build or to Buy Time: That is the Question

Aug 11, 2010 |

The question of whether to invest in a cluster, to make use of HPC on demand services or to look to the public cloud is difficult to answer but some have found that HPC as a Service (renting a cluster) makes financial sense while suiting complex workloads due to the support a large cloud provider might not be able to offer.

Delivering HPC to the New Main Street

Jul 20, 2010 |

Rocky Mountain Supercomputing Center aims to democratize HPC via computing on-demand model.

Amazon Climbs Into the HPC Arena

Jul 14, 2010 |

Amazon’s cloud platform got a high performance boost this week with the announcement of its Cluster Compute Instances (CCI). CCI specifically targets HPC workloads, incorporating high-end CPU horsepower and a low-latency interconnect fabric into the company’s popular EC2 computing on-demand offering. The new capability welcomes HPC into the most well-recognized public cloud in the world.