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Taming the Long Tail of Science

Oct 15, 2012 |

University researchers look for more effective ways of extracting value from an ever-growing deluge of data.

Accelerating Discovery by Outsourcing the Mundane: An Interview with Ian Foster

Aug 29, 2011 |

ISC Cloud Conference Chairman Wolfgang Gentzsch spoke with Ian Foster, Director of the Computation Institute, a joint institute of the University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory about an upcoming talk he is set to give about how cloud computing tools can keep science moving forward faster than ever.<br />

HPC Clouds to Gather Over Germany

Aug 9, 2011 |

The upcoming ISC Cloud ’11 conference will bring some the world’s research and large-scale enterprise cloud computing luminaries under one roof to discuss issues ranging from HPC cloud performance, to security and compliance, to explorations of user experiences.

What Became of the Grid?

Jun 10, 2011 |

Before cloud computing came on the scene, grids were a hot topic in industry and research, but did cloud steal their thunder–or highlight their unique value?

GlobusWORLD Video Series: Ian Foster on Accelerating Science and Discovery

Apr 15, 2011 |

This week we sat down with Ian Foster, grid luminary and Director of the Computation Institute at the University of Chicago to discuss some of the fundamental changes in how IT trends are reshaping research and progress. We also explore some of Foster’s ideas about grid computing and its evolution over the course of the last several years.

The Weekly Top Five

Mar 31, 2011 |

The Weekly Top Five features the five biggest HPC stories of the week, condensed for your reading pleasure. This week, we cover the UK-based Atomic Weapons Establishment’s selection of two SGI Altix systems; Platform Computing’s new solution for managing “big data”; the effect of rising sea levels on the North Carolina coastal region; SDSC’s new portal for conducting phylogenetic research; and the selection of Ian Foster for this year’s IEEE Tsutomu Kanai Award.

Grid Pioneer Ian Foster Discusses the Future of Science in the Cloud

Feb 24, 2011 |

In this interview, Ian Foster discusses the next logical steps beyond grid that leading to a major transformation in science. While there are new avenues opened via access to an unprecedented amount of computational power, there are still some challenges ahead. Foster details these issues and presents some updates from the Globus team, including information about Globus Online.

Clouds Above Calabria: HPC and Cloud Computing at the Cetraro Workshop

Jul 4, 2010 |

The International Advanced Research Workshop on High Performance Computing, Grids and Clouds took place in Cetraro, Itally, and was the location for a great deal of discussion about the role and developments of grids and clouds in HPC. Participant Wolfgang Gentzsch reviews highlights from the event.

Outsourcing Versus Federation: Ian Foster on Grid and Cloud

Jun 16, 2010 |

In a recent interview grid luminary Ian Foster gave his opinion about the differences between grid and cloud and how the change is one that is rooted in concepts of outsourcing versus federation. Foster also provided insight about EC2 and clouds in HPC.