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The Missing Link on U.S. Cloud Chain

Sep 20, 2011 |

An upcoming committee hearing in the United States will address the critical issue for cloud’s future in America–reliable, updated infrastructure.

European e-Science Group Extends Cloud Focus

Apr 19, 2011 |

A European group that focuses on e-Science infrastructure has released a new draft report that demonstrates how cloud computing options are figuring into existing grid and distributed resource sharing paradigms.

Changes Afoot in the Walled Gardens

Apr 18, 2011 |

The roots of innovation have so often been seen in the light of the “walled gardens” metaphor, but to extend that further, new offshoots are tearing at the weathered, eroded blocks…

Clouds Set to Make Smart Grids Smarter

Mar 21, 2011 |

Over the next few years, the very sources of massive energy consumption–data centers that power cloud computing–could soon turn to serve the goals of energy efficiency programs. Cloud platforms and the scalable needs they can serve are increasingly being seen as key to energy management, especially as the range of devices, sensors and measurement tools grows and renewable sources are being fed back into the system.

Cloud@Home: Goals, Challenges and Benefits of a Volunteer Cloud

Mar 17, 2011 |

Building on ideas from grid computing, Dr. Salvatore Distefano and Dr. Antonio Puliafito discuss the concept of volunteer computing via Cloud@Home. This could be a way for implementing ubiquitous and pervasive computing as many computational devices and systems can be engaged simultaneously for performing ordinary activities, and may not necessarily be aware that they are doing so.

Big Telcos Seeing Silver Lining

Feb 2, 2011 |

It is only the beginning of the week and we have already seen two major telcos emerge from the ether to snatch up cloud computing and datacenter companies Terremark and NaviSite. This will be a trend that will continue as these companies realize the true potential of solid infrastructure and the systems to support clouds…

Managing CERN: OpenNebula Team Tames the Cloud

Jan 21, 2011 |

This week, Rubén S. Montero, one of the members of the team behind helping researchers manage the complex infrastructure at the world’s largest particle physics laboratories in the world, shares insights about managing CERN’s infrastructure. At the heart of the IaaS cloud CERN has implemented is OpenNebula, which now serves as the management layer in production following extensive prototyping and testing. Montero describes the project’s evolution and current status as CERN considers offering a public cloud interface.

Investing in China’s Cloudy Vision

Nov 24, 2010 |

While its supercomputing might is no longer in question, If China is to become a serious player in the emerging industries that will revolve around cloud computing—which now includes everything from hardware to services to mobile technology developments—its infrastructure shortage could be the Achilles’ heel, preventing it from reaching its 2015 cloudy vision.

Microsoft’s Dan Reed on New Paradigms for Scientific Discovery

Oct 29, 2010 |

Microsoft’s Dan Reed recently explained the theoretical basis for the company’s latest push to open the clouds for scientific users who require high-performance computing but who are often bound by cost constraints and the need to shed the systems maintenance overhead.

Considering a Cloud? Cost Isn’t Everything…

Mar 19, 2010 |

HPC users need to factor in cloud performance.