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HP Pounces on CIO Concerns

Apr 26, 2011 |

HP has announced a series of strategic IT advisory services that are being wrapped in a message intended to strike CIOs where they will feel it most.

Next Level IT Sourcing: The New Data Center Model

Apr 20, 2011 |

Valery Herrington defines the concept of next level IT sourcing and discusses the value and challenges of these new models with the rise of cloud computing. Although enterprise-driven in focus, the idea of this particular model of IT is applicable across the board; from large research organizations to the smallest of startups.

Diversifying the Tech Workforce

Apr 15, 2011 |

White men’s guilt or a cause with a purpose?

Clouds Set to Make Smart Grids Smarter

Mar 21, 2011 |

Over the next few years, the very sources of massive energy consumption–data centers that power cloud computing–could soon turn to serve the goals of energy efficiency programs. Cloud platforms and the scalable needs they can serve are increasingly being seen as key to energy management, especially as the range of devices, sensors and measurement tools grows and renewable sources are being fed back into the system.

Higher Ed Budget Cuts Spur Cloud Services Scramble

Feb 9, 2011 |

As the cloud becomes a more commonplace, trusted way to handle needs on a university or university system-wide scale, new ways to manage demand, priority, access and concerns about (de)centralization must be developed.

Bringing Russian IT Up to Speed

Jan 26, 2011 |

Russia is involved in an intense game of technological “catch up” according to one Accenture analyst. Cloud computing, if the necessary infrastructure to support it can become a priority, can help bring the country closer to its technology goals.

Vietnam Granted Further Resources to Reach IT Goals

Dec 6, 2010 |

IBM announced that it would team up with Vietnam’s National Institute of Software and Digital Content Industry (NISCI) to provide the necessary hardware and software components for a new cloud computing lab.

Indiana University Shows How Virtualization Paves the Way for Internal Clouds

Oct 13, 2010 |

What began at IU as an infrastructure virtualization project to improve efficiency has been blooming into a more comprehensive iprivate cloud project that’s allowed for even greater operational efficiency as well as benefits for a wide range of departments.

TED Talks for the IT Crowd

Sep 1, 2010 |

A hand-picked selection of video presentations from the TED conference — because the next big thing has to start somewhere.

Microsoft Aims To Alleviate Health IT Cloud Concerns

Jul 7, 2010 |

The only cloud computing that we would contemplate at the moment is in the personal health record space, so that patients would own the dimension in the cloud in terms of where they want to store or access information.