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Oracle’s Vertical Line to Life Sciences, Healthcare

May 3, 2011 |

Oracle honed its focus on key markets to convince users that cost, security and compliance, are best handled in a specialized cloud environment.

Supercomputer in the Cloud Speeds Biotech Research

Apr 8, 2011 |

With one of the largest biotechnology events in the world just around the corner, an announcement that provides details about a supercomputer dedicated exclusively to a biosciences application is bound to draw some attention. However, when that machine could be placed in the top 100 of the Top500 list of the world’s most powerful clusters and exists only in the cloud, it is certainly worth taking a second look at.

Cloud Sparking Rapid Evolution of Life Sciences R&D

Apr 6, 2011 |

Bruce Maches provides a thorough examination of the complexity and resource requirements of specialized life science applications and what the role (and challenges) will be as cloud continue to enter into the industry. Many life science companies are struggling to afford to internally build, implement, and support much of the required systems and infrastructure but as Maches argues, there are alternatives.

Adoption of SaaS in the Life Sciences

Feb 28, 2011 |

In this entry Bruce Maches takes a high-level look at SaaS and how it can be leveraged by these organizations to help them meet their research objectives in a more cost effective and timely manner.

Cloud at the Heart of Biotech Startups

Jan 3, 2011 |

It is not just big biotech companies that can leverage cloud computing; smaller early stage companies are also taking advantage of what cloud computing has to offer to cut costs, reduce complexity and ensure that resources are focused on the primary goals of the organization.

Vital Signs from Life Sciences, Big Pharma Clouds

Dec 13, 2010 |

This week at Pharmtech, Arun Kumar, Vice President and Head of the Global Life Sciences Business Unit at Infosys, an IT, business and consulting firm, discussed how the cloud is shaping the pharmaceutical industry–and what is coming in 2011.

Selecting the Right “aaS”: Hubspan’s Margaret Dawson on Compliance and As-a-Service Choices

Nov 3, 2010 |

Following her session on choosing the right aaS for individual purposes, Vice President of Product Management, Margaret Dawson discusses the concept of B2B integration, security and compliance for risk-averse verticals like life sciences research and financial services.

Harvard Medical School Demonstrates Cloud as Research, Business Model

Oct 11, 2010 |

Harvard Medical School, in an effort to centralize its existing HPC infrastructure and better manage researcher’s access to computational resources, has pieced together and tested its own private cloud. Via this internal cloud, researchers across the HMS system and within its network of external instiutions have been proving cloud not only as a valid research tool but as a sound business model.

Planning for Validation of Cloud Based Applications

Sep 29, 2010 |

Any life science company looking to validate cloud based systems must adjust its system qualification process to properly prove to any auditor that the application in question is installed, operating correctly while also meeting the users requirements.”

Into The Crystal Ball: The Future Potential of Cloud Computing In Life Sciences

Jul 14, 2010 |

As the cloud offerings ecosystem of products, services, standards, and methodologies matures life science CIO’s will have a broader array of tools at their disposal to deliver information technology services.