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Cloud Lends Power to Next Generation Martian Missions

Oct 29, 2012 |

Martian rover Curiosity successfully performed an on-site validation of an application essential to the next generation of Martian missions. Cloud computing, specifically Amazon Web Services, played an important role.

Amazon Enables Earthlings to View Martian Photos

Aug 14, 2012 |

Now that Curiosity is on the red planet, Amazon Web Services will process pictures taken by the new inhabitant, making them available to NASA researchers and the public.

Curiosity’s Cloud Connection

Aug 7, 2012 |

The news media has been abuzz over NASA’s recent achievement. The big risk, big reward operation costing 2.5 billion dollars, which included safely landing a mini cooper-sized robot on Mars, paid off.

Mars as a Service: Cloud Computing for the Red Planet Exploration Era

Feb 3, 2011 |

The MetNet project aims to go where no other Mars missions have gone before, at least in terms of the way it will gather and then process data. This mission to Mars will be based on the power of a new type of dandelion seed-shaped landing vehicle called the MetNet Lander. Dr. Jose Luis Vazquez-Poletti describes the project’s goals, methods, and how cloud computing is set to provide the resources for this data-intensive mission.