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New Memristor Closely Mimics Synapse Signal Dynamics

Oct 3, 2016 |

Efforts to emulate signaling produced at nerve cell synapses aren’t new. Many different approaches – CMOS circuits and ‘ionic-drift’ based memristor technology, for example – have been tried, all with various shortcomings. Last week, researchers from UMass, Loughborough University, Hewlett Packard Labs, and Brookhaven National Laboratory reported a new approach that closely mimics the Ca2+ diffusion dynamics that occur at synapses

HP Rep Dishes on the Exascale Datacenter

Apr 16, 2011 |

Hewlett Packard’s Partha Ranganathan outlines a path for exascale computing.

Growing Data Deluge Prompts Processor Redesign

Feb 28, 2011 |

Information explosion threatens to overwhelm modern processors.

HP Sees a Revolution in Memory Chip

Apr 8, 2010 |

Memristors can be used to store and process data on the same chip.