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Public Cloud Outage Sparks Fresh Debate

Apr 21, 2011 |

Today’s extensive outage at Amazon data centers on the East coast brought AWS some unwanted attention. Major websites and services ground to a halt, sparking a fresh round of questions about relying on clouds for mission or business-critical operations…

Intel Scales Up Cores and Memory with New Westmere EX CPUs

Apr 6, 2011 |

This week Intel launched its new Westmere EX lineup, the latest Xeons aimed at large-memory, multi-socketed servers. The new chips come in 6-, 8- and 10-core flavors and will be sold under the name Xeon E7. According to Intel, these latest CPUs deliver 40 percent greater performance than the previous generation Nehalem EX processors while maintaining the same power draw.

CTO Panel: Are Public Clouds Ripe for Mission Critical Applications?

Feb 15, 2011 |

This week we gathered the opinions of five technical leaders from cloud service companies to gauge their views on customer reception of the idea of placing mission-critical applications on public resources. Just as important as the initial question about the viability of public clouds for core apps is a secondary query—for those that did decide to send mission-critical apps to the public cloud, what was the driving factor?

Why Mission Critical Applications Are Staying Put

Sep 8, 2010 |

Perhaps a better title would be, “yet another reason why mission critical applications are staying put” since this is so frequently a topic of discussion. However, to break from the string of latency, performance and development challenges for a moment, we are left with the more nebulous issue of IT culture; namely, the clearly defined tensions between virtualization advocates and the stalwart owners of core, revenue-critical applications.