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Research Holds Promise for Atomic-Scale Circuitry

Apr 23, 2014 |

As integrated circuits get smaller, past the current 20nm-22nm process technology, they increasingly come up against quantum mechanics quirks such as electron tunneling and current leakage. Chip designers and academic researchers mainly pursue the next nanometer threshold, in adherence to the ITRS (the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors), using all kinds of clever workarounds to Read more…

Fujitsu Simulates 3,000-Atom Nano Device

Jan 21, 2014 |

The research division of Fujitsu has used advanced supercomputing techniques to successfully simulate the electrical properties of a 3,000-atom nano device, a threefold increase from previous research. The company notes that at the nanoscale level, minute differences in the local atomic configuration can have a major impact on the electrical properties of a device. The Read more…

World’s Smallest Movie Has Big (Data) Implications

May 8, 2013 |

A team of IBM researchers created the world’s smallest movie using the essential building-blocks of matter, atoms.

IBM Takes Step Toward Nanotube-Based Computing

Oct 30, 2012 |

Big Blue’s research arm makes carbon more transistor-friendly.