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Benchmark Challenge: Nehalem Versus Istanbul

Jun 18, 2009 |

Intel’s Nehalem gets Linpunked.

AMD Rolls Out Six-Core Opterons

Jun 3, 2009 |

This week AMD launched its six-core “Istanbul” processor, five months ahead of its original schedule. The new 45nm Opterons will confront Intel’s recently hatched Nehalem EP quad-core chips and the older 6-core Dunnington Xeon processor as AMD attempts to regain lost market share in the critical x86 server market.

Cisco Discloses Server ASICs

May 21, 2009 |

Custom chip gives Nehalem a memory boost.

IBM Unloads Nehalem Towers, Clusters

Apr 30, 2009 |

It’s Dynamic Infrastructure blitz week at Big Blue.

HPC@Intel: The New Intel Xeon Architecture

Apr 15, 2009 |

Whether they work in manufacturing, energy, life sciences, financial services, weather, digital content creation, or other fields, many users have similar requirements for HPC solutions. The new Intel Xeon processor 5500 series will play a key role in helping HPC users meet their requirements and experience groundbreaking, intelligent, and energy-efficient performance quickly and easily.

AMD Weighs In on Nehalem

Apr 1, 2009 |

Intel’s first Nehalem server processor, which debuted this week, may be an homage to the Opteron, but AMD sees tough going for the new chip. In a year in which IT budgets are under a lot of pressure, AMD might end up having the winning strategy.

Intel Positions Nehalem as a Watershed Product

Mar 31, 2009 |

On Monday Intel launched its much-anticipated Nehalem dual-socket server chip, the Xeon 5500 processor series. With the inclusion of a number of new architectural features, some of which were copied from AMD, the new Xeons represent the most significant redirection of Intel’s x86 server product line in its history.

New Xeon CPUs With Nehalem Core in SAP SD Benchmark

Dec 18, 2008 |

Newly released benchmark results for systems equipped with the Nehalem EP processor reveal impressive performance.