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Innovating In the Cloud

Dec 3, 2012 |

Altair’s HyperWorks On-Demand™ allows customers to leverage their investment in Altair’s patented licensing system to run software on a hosted HPC infrastructure via a secure, web-based portal. Launched from a web browser, HWOD enables engineers to burst to the cloud to run simulations so organizations can easily scale resources to meet growing compute demand.

Opening Sequences for HPC on Demand

May 11, 2011 |

Next-generation sequencing has opened a world of possibilities for science and medicine, but for providers of remote high performance computing like Penguin Computing via its HPC on demand service, the new world of massive genomics analytics has opened other doors–for researchers and their own business model.

Amazon Opens Door to Dedicated Hardware

Mar 28, 2011 |

Amazon just announced the option of providing dedicated resources to security or regulatory-conscious users. While it might seem on the surface to challenge other HPC on-demand providers, going beyond price comparisons is necessary.

On Realistic Expectations for HPC Clouds

Jan 31, 2011 |

The idea that HPC in the cloud should be simple and fulfill the true promise of instant, on-demand resources without effort is faulty, according to Joe Landman, who argues that customer expectations are not meeting with HPC cloud realities.

Startup IaaS Provider Poised to Empower Developers, Compete in On-Demand Arena

Jan 12, 2011 |

Startup NephoScale came out of the woodwork today with an offering designed to get developers up and running without the need for delays caused by system administrator configuration.

Weighing the Queue, Evaluating the Utility

Oct 4, 2010 |

During last week’s HPC 360 event, Matt Dunbar, Chief Software Architect for SIMULIA discussed the challenges of running out of capacity on in-house systems and what evaluation measures are required when considering deploying on-demand resources for post-processing.

Biotech HPC in the Cloud

Jun 4, 2009 |

Amazon EC2 is still the platform of choice, but there are more clouds on the horizon.

Increasing Clouds

Nov 6, 2008 |

It seems hardly a week passes without some news of HPC being delivered as an on-demand service. That topic includes everything from in-house grids to commercial clouds, but it’s the cloud element that’s grabbing the attention of the supercomputing crowd.

The Cloud Shift: Don’t Forget ISVs

Oct 15, 2008 |

Most cloud computing talk centers around whether users will make the switch — and rightfully so — but don’t think the whole paradigm begins and ends with what end-users want. ISVs are interested, too, and the more they switch to SaaS delivery models, the more real the cloud becomes.