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A Call to Arms for Parallel Programming Standards

Nov 16, 2010 |

Although the parallel programming landscape is relatively young, it’s already easy to get lost in. Beside legacy frameworks like MPI and OpenMP, we now have NVIDIA’s CUDA, OpenCL, Cilk, Intel Threading Building Blocks, Microsoft’s parallel programming extensions for .NET, and a whole gamut of PGAS languages. And according to Intel’s Tim Mattson, that’s not necessarily a good thing.

Intel Lays Groundwork to Fulfill 2015 Cloud Vision

Oct 29, 2010 |

This week Intel announced its vision for the cloud in 2015, which targets a number of issues including interoperability standards, efficiency, security and simplication of use across devices. While the breadth of the announcement is far-reaching and the goals lofty, the company is finally laying forth the first pieces of how it views itself as part of the “paradigm shift” of cloud computing — even if it’s clear that some of the ideals might take longer than 2015 to be realized.

OpenCL: To GPGPU and Beyond

Dec 11, 2008 |

This week at SIGGRAPH Asia in Singapore, The Khronos Group ratified version 1.0 of the OpenCL specification. In the short term OpenCL is expected to encourage the development of applications that can take advantage of those GPGPUs. But in the long term the implications for HPC may be much more far-reaching.

OpenCL Makes It Official

Dec 9, 2008 |

The GPGPU contingent of the high performance computing crowd got another big boost on Tuesday with the release of the first version of the OpenCL standard.