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Insourcing and the Privacy Scarecrow

Aug 21, 2012 |

There is tech trend that may boost US job numbers and bring more investment to cloud providers.

A Cluster of Queries for HPC Newcomers

May 3, 2011 |

Houston-based X-ISS sheds light on key questions new HPC owners should be asking.

The Politics of Cloud Strategy

Sep 16, 2010 |

During a Nasscom summit on remote infrastructure management this week, John C. McCarthy, a leading analyst from Forrester Research, stated that “offering a cloud strategy to customers in the United States is a politically correct alternative to offshoring given the current climate,” which is more “palatable” politically.

High-Tech Anxiety

Feb 5, 2009 |

In case you hadn’t noticed, the global economic collapse is causing more churning in the tech workforce than we’ve seen since the dot-com bust.

Banks and Outsourcing: Just Say ‘Latency’

Sep 24, 2008 |

A common critique of external cloud computing services is that big-time IT users, like major corporations and financial institutions, are nowhere near getting on board. That might be true for the new breed of “cloud” services, but for the financial services sector, at least, outsourcing is far from a dirty word.