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2012 Cloud Forecast

Dec 15, 2011 |

2011 may have been cloud’s fifth birthday, but in 2012, the six-year-old will start making a truly distinctive name for itself. Leading Platform-as-a-Service providers will keep investing billions in huge datacenters with megawatts of power capacity, while Software-as-a-Service platform development will be a main goal for software and Internet industry leaders.

Developers Taking a PaaS on Clouds

Jul 21, 2011 |

While the IaaS market has evolved swiftly, interoperability concerns overwhelm the ability to get onboard with some PaaS offerings.

Results from an IaaS and PaaS Showdown

Jul 23, 2010 |

One new benchmarking effort to compare the clouds examined the PaaS and IaaS distinctions on key factors across application types. The results, while not surprising in total, do provide a unique view into how intended workloads should drive decisions between the two cloud types.

Multi-Tenacy in the Cloud: Why it Matters

Apr 13, 2010 |

Besides appropriate workload distribution, architectural considerations, including multi-tenancy are a critical first step towards broader IT cloud adoption.