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PathScale Looks to One-Up CUDA, OpenCL with New GPU Compiler

Jun 24, 2010 |

HPC compiler maker PathScale has unveiled ENZO, a new GPU software development suite aimed at the high performance computing space. The solution includes a home-grown compiler, runtime system, and device driver. ENZO is being built for performance from top to bottom and will initially target NVIDIA’s high-end GPUs.

PathScale Rises from SiCortex’s Ashes

Aug 31, 2009 |

SiCortex’s loss will be PathScale’s gain. With the help of Cray, the PathScale compiler technology will get another chance to make a go of it on its own.

Making the Case for Free Software

Aug 3, 2009 |

Defunct HPC vendor SiCortex touches off the open source debate.