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SGI Makes Leap Into ‘Personal Supercomputing’

Sep 21, 2009 |

SGI has launched a deskside HPC cluster product aimed at users looking for supercomputers they can call their own. The new product line, called Octane III, also marks the re-entry of the company into the high performance workstation space.

Personal Supercomputing Anyone?

Aug 11, 2009 |

Personal supercomputing may be a contradiction in terms, but that does not mean it cannot exist, says Andrew Jones.

The GPGPU Chronicles: NVIDIA Goes Personal; AMD Keeps Streaming

Nov 18, 2008 |

New GPGPU computing platforms are in the works at NVIDIA and AMD. NVIDIA has partnered with a number of OEMs and system integrators to offer Tesla-equipped personal supercomputers, while AMD has released its most powerful GPU computing board, the AMD FireStream 9270, and has also partnered with Silicon Valley startup Aprius to offer a 9.6 teraflop GPU expansion chassis.