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AMD Expands Fusion Strategy with Petaflop Supercomputer

Jan 13, 2009 |

Back in June 2008, I suggested Sun Microsystems could accelerate its compute grid with GPU-based nodes. Sun never did, but it looks like AMD is going to give this idea a whirl.

The Search for Stable Storage

Nov 19, 2008 |

A team led by Thomas Schulthess of Oak Ridge National Laboratory has broken the petaflop barrier with a supercomputing application likely to accelerate the revolution in magnetic storage. Using ORNL’s upgraded Cray XT Jaguar supercomputer, the team was able to achieve a sustained performance of 1.05 petaflops for an application that simulates the behavior of electron systems.

ORNL’s ‘Jaguar’ Leaps Past Petaflop

Nov 11, 2008 |

The petascale era is in full swing. Yesterday, the DOE announced that the Cray XT ‘Jaguar’ supercomputer at Oak Ridge has been upgraded to 1.64 peak petaflops.

ORNL’s Breakthroughs in Cray Machines Make it Hard to Beat

Oct 13, 2008 |

Oak Ridge National Laboratory has petaflop computing in sight as it upgrades its ‘Jaguar’ supercomputer.