Cycle Computing Orchestrates Cancer Research on Google Cloud

September 10, 2015

This week HPC cloud software specialist Cycle Computing announced that its full suite of products can now be used to spin up clusters on Google’s cloud platf Read more…

By Tiffany Trader

Yottabyte Unveils Cloud Operating System

October 29, 2012

The software platform promises to turn commodity hardware and storage components into agile cloud-based datacenters. Read more…

By Tiffany Trader

Lamborghini Strengthens Online Presence with AWS

October 9, 2012

When Lamborghini's Web backend reached the end of its lifecyle, the company looked to cloud computing for its scalability and cost benefits. Read more…

By Tiffany Trader

Cloud Surfing Made Simple

April 5, 2011

Alex Lesser, Vice President of the Cloud/Data Infrastructure Group at PSSC Labs asks, "What is a cloud?" Obviously it is group of small water particles we see in the Earth’s atmosphere, but when combined with the word “computing” a cloud takes on a life of its own, especially for high-performance computing users. Read more…

By Nicole Hemsoth

The SaaS Stepping Stone to Strong IaaS Support

March 15, 2011

We recently published an article that provided the opinions of a number of thought and industry leaders on the subject of public cloud viability for mission-critical or business-critical needs. While the responses were rather wide-ranging, there were a few common issues (including matters of cost, security and existing investment) that got Robin Meehan’s wheels turning. Read more…

By Robin Meehan

Emerging Services Extend Public Cloud Portability

March 4, 2011

Once applications are up and running on public clouds, it is difficult to move them over to another cloud. Some services are trying to help manage migration ability to allow greater portability and thus more options. Read more…

By Nicole Hemsoth

CTO Panel: Are Public Clouds Ripe for Mission Critical Applications?

February 15, 2011

This week we gathered the opinions of five technical leaders from cloud service companies to gauge their views on customer reception of the idea of placing mission-critical applications on public resources. Just as important as the initial question about the viability of public clouds for core apps is a secondary query—for those that did decide to send mission-critical apps to the public cloud, what was the driving factor? Read more…

By Nicole Hemsoth

Bias on Public Clouds for Big Data

January 31, 2011

Randy Bias discusses using public clouds for HPC and the bias that leads such decisions in an interview that covers this and cloud computing evolution as a whole. Read more…

By Nicole Hemsoth

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