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Tag: R language

SC10 Disruptive Technology Preview: The First Cloud Portal to “R” and Beyond

Oct 26, 2010 |

Each year at SC, a handful of disruptive technologies are selected as showcase items to represent drastic innovations for high-performance computing. On the list this year is a “Google Docs-like portal for scientific computing in the cloud” that delivers the first front-end door to the R language as well as a host of other useful features and tools for statisticians, scientists and the HPC community at large.

Revolution Analytics Lifts R Language into Terascale Computing

Aug 4, 2010 |

R language booster Revolution Analytics is going after the predictive analytics crowd with its latest Revolution R Enterprise software platform. The company announced this week it will be introducing a package called RevoScaleR to bring the R language into the world of “Big Data,” enabling analytics applications to turbo-charge their performance and scale terabyte-sized mountains of data.

Summer Language Seminar: The R Project

Jul 14, 2010 |

The R language is more than just a statistical plotting tool.

Can Free Software Drive the Fourth Paradigm?

Mar 9, 2010 |

Data-driven computing will need open software.

Expert Analysis: You Can Predict That R Will Succeed

Mar 3, 2010 |

REvolution Computing may do for R what RedHat did for Linux.