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NASA to Stop OpenStack Development

May 23, 2012 |

The space agency revealed it would no longer be participating in the open-source cloud project.

Cloudnumbers Expedites Cloud-Based Supercomputing

Feb 14, 2012 |

Configuring a cluster on a public cloud infrastructure such as Amazon Web Services potentially requires a lot of work. The various steps involve setting up the machines, dealing with the security keys, installing the applications, negotiating the administration, and more. Most HPC users would prefer to avoid this time-consuming process if possible. That’s where German startup Cloudnumbers comes in.

Opening Windows to the Rackspace Cloud

Aug 12, 2010 |

This morning cloud services vendor Rackpace announced that it was opening cloud servers for Microsoft Windows, with distinct focus on system administrators and .NET developers. With a cloud currently dominated by Linux, one has to wonder how this might eventually shape the cloud server landscape.

NASA, Rackspace Open-Sourcing the Cloud

Jul 19, 2010 |

Rackspace announced today the arrival of OpenStack in conjunction with NASA, who will be providing a core aspect of its capbility later in the year. This news provides those with interoperability and standardization concerns a noble champion, even though the development and true potential of the open source project have still to be realized.

Rackspace Gives Cloud Elite Some Competition

Oct 24, 2008 |

Rackspace Hosting took to a stage in Austin, Texas, earlier this week to announce its new cloud computing initiative. The stage normally is used for “Austin City Limits” concerts — a good fit if you consider that Rackspace wants to do for cloud computing what “Austin City Limits” did for certain types of Texas music: make it accessible to a much bigger audience.