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Microsoft Brings MapReduce into the Fold

Jul 18, 2011 |

Microsoft announced this week that it would be offering its Project Daytona up for scrutiny–an iterative MapReduce framework that they hope will bring researchers flocking to their cloud service.

FutureGrid Team to Present Analysis of Virtualization in HPC

Apr 14, 2011 |

A team of researchers from Indiana University has performed an analysis of performance and other advantages and problems with existing virtualization technology options.

Lessons from the Grid: An Interview with Argonne’s Kate Keahey

Jan 25, 2011 |

In this interview with Kate Keahey from Argonne National Lab, we discuss her background with distributed computing, limitations of the grid, challenges and benefits of cloud computing for HPC and her view on critical elements that the community as a whole—vendor, users, and scientists alike—will need to address as the space matures.

Microsoft Grants Australian Researchers Azure Gift

Dec 10, 2010 |

Microsoft has announced it is extending another round of free access to its Azure cloud platform, this time to scientific research projects in Australia.

Cloud-Driven Tools from Microsoft Research Target Earth, Life Sciences

Oct 19, 2010 |

Last week at their eScience Workshop at the University of California, Berkeley Microsoft Research announced two key technological progress points related to their Azure cloud. The advancements are currently serving researchers in ecological studies as well as biology and further demonstrate the potential of their cloud offering in further scientific computing projects.

Enabling Research with MATLAB on the TeraGrid

Oct 18, 2010 |

Last year Cornell University and Purdue University received funding from the National Science Foundation to undertake their MATLAB on the TeraGrid project. Since its inception a number of researchers have been making use of the resource and Cornell’s Center for Advanced Computing is demonstrating that the resource might have a permanent place in the TeraGrid resource provider collection in the future.

Startup Aims to Democratize Genomic Research

Sep 28, 2010 |

A startup called SeqCentral has stated its goal to democratize science by using the cloud for genetic alignment of DNA sequences, which is a critical stage during the process of genetic research.