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Amazon Launches Glacier, Puts Data on Ice

Aug 28, 2012 |

Amazon has just announced a new storage service called Glacier. The cloud giant describes its new offering as a secure, extremely low-cost storage technology for data archiving and backup. Like the name implies, the service is slow, cold and remote.

Amazon S3: Almost 1 Trillion Objects Stored

Apr 9, 2012 |

Just six-years-old, the Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) is experiencing tremendous growth.

Biotech Firm Doubles Down on Amazon Cloud

Feb 14, 2012 |

Connecticut-based biotech firm Metrum Research Group moves entire IT infrastructure to Amazon cloud.

Australian Research Network Delivers Storage as a Service

Apr 25, 2011 |

The Australian Academic Research Network (AARNet) has announced that its CloudStor storage as a service project has emerged from beta to aid member institutions.

Are RTOs Forgotten With Data Protection in the Cloud?

Aug 31, 2010 |

Regardless of how the cost argument is defended, one area that emerges in discussions about cloud-based data protection is the recovery time objective or RTO. The root of this discovery is that traditional storage options, even the venerable tape media category, have fast transfer rates. The hard question is do we put a price on an RTO?

Putting Cloud Storage to the Test

Aug 23, 2010 |

While cloud storage might live up to the hype in terms of cost models, some argue that storage vendors need to enhance their security measures to ensure wider adoption.