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Live from GlobusWorld 2012

Apr 10, 2012 |

GlobusWorld 2012 kicked off today at Argonne National Laboratory outside Chicago. While the official conference starts tomorrow, day one was reserved for the pre-conference tutorials. The Globus team has a lot going on this year.

2012 Cloud Forecast

Dec 15, 2011 |

2011 may have been cloud’s fifth birthday, but in 2012, the six-year-old will start making a truly distinctive name for itself. Leading Platform-as-a-Service providers will keep investing billions in huge datacenters with megawatts of power capacity, while Software-as-a-Service platform development will be a main goal for software and Internet industry leaders.

Research Predicts Dramatic Decline in On-Premises Software

Mar 10, 2011 |

While on-site installed software is still the norm, IDC predicts rapid growth in SaaS models that will replace traditional software paradigms.

Adoption of SaaS in the Life Sciences

Feb 28, 2011 |

In this entry Bruce Maches takes a high-level look at SaaS and how it can be leveraged by these organizations to help them meet their research objectives in a more cost effective and timely manner.

The Uphill Battle for SaaS Companies on Wall Street

Jan 24, 2011 |

As a recent Financial Times argues, it is difficult for SaaS companies focused on Wall Street to prove their revenue model in the short term–or at all, thus leading to immaturity of cloud services in this market.

Cloud at the Heart of Biotech Startups

Jan 3, 2011 |

It is not just big biotech companies that can leverage cloud computing; smaller early stage companies are also taking advantage of what cloud computing has to offer to cut costs, reduce complexity and ensure that resources are focused on the primary goals of the organization.

GIS Applications Take to the Clouds

Jul 20, 2010 |

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) applications have been among those relegated to the traditional mode of software delivery until more recently as some of the main players in the industry have taken the first tentative steps toward to the clouds. This new delivery model marks a paradigm shift from a business model standpoint and has the potential to bring compute-intensive GIS applications to a larger user base than ever before.

CRM in the Life Sciences: Why the Veeva Announcement Matters

May 11, 2010 |

With the recent FDA rulings governing how sales can interact with doctors, the importance of a CRM system to track the complex customer interactions has never been more critical.

Cloud Computing Differences Between U.S. And Europe

Apr 15, 2010 |

There is a lack of established data centers to serve European customers, giving those with an interest in cloud computing a reason to delay signing up.

Multi-Tenacy in the Cloud: Why it Matters

Apr 13, 2010 |

Besides appropriate workload distribution, architectural considerations, including multi-tenancy are a critical first step towards broader IT cloud adoption.