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NASA Builds Supercomputing Lab for Earth Scientists

Jul 25, 2012 |

<a href=”” target=”_blank”><img style=”float: left;” src=”” alt=”” width=”96″ height=”96″ /></a>This week, NASA announced it would soon be launching a new HPC and data facility that will give Earth scientists access to four decades of satellite imagery and other datasets. Known as the NASA Earth Exchange (NEX), the facility is being promoted as a “virtual laboratory” for researchers interested in applying supercomputing resources to studying areas like climate change, soil and vegetation patterns, and other environmental topics.

Google Donates Cloud-Based Platform, CPU Hours to Environmental Research

Dec 7, 2010 |

This year at the International Climate Change Conference, Google was on hand to announce its cloud-based platform, Google Earth Engine, and its donation of 20 million CPU hours to aid in enviornmental research. The project culls Landsat data, which was only recently brought online, and provides a platform to create and use applications specific to defined research areas, including forestry, water conservation and beyond.