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Exotics at SC10

Nov 24, 2010 |

Yes, there is life beyond Xeons, Opterons and GPGPUs.

Fighting Words from the Interconnect World

Nov 19, 2010 |

To say the market share for HPC interconnects is imbalanced is a rather dramatic understatement since the vast majority of business is driven by Mellanox. However, there are a few emerging competitors who might be playing a more prominent role in HPC–and by proxy, cloud computing.

SC10 Video Short: Kathy Yelick on Lawrence Berkeley National Labs and NERSC Projects

Nov 19, 2010 |

We often write about some of the interesting cloud computing research projects taking place via Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and NERSC, so when we had a chance to record Kathy Yelick,, NERSC Director at SC10, we took the opportunity to help put a face to the name and lend insight into what’s happening at one of the more prominent national centers in cloud and HPC research.

“But There is No HPC in the Cloud”

Nov 19, 2010 |

While making the rounds during SC10 and striking up conversations with those in traditional HPC fields, it was hard to ignore statements of skepticism about the possibility for broad cloud adoption for HPC applications outside of the few apps that are well-suited already. For every cloud advocate there seemed to be a detractor…

Conference Highlights Dividing Lines Across GPGPUs

Nov 19, 2010 |

If there was a dominating theme at the Supercomputing Conference this year, it had to be GPU computing.

Sights and Sounds of SC10

Nov 17, 2010 |

Since we have plenty of time and room to grant coverage to the technical topics on the agenda at SC10, we thought we’d give those of you who couldn’t make it to New Orleans a light sampling of some of the sights and sounds from the first day of the conference. A little off topic? Yes, indeed.

InfiniBand Continues Upward Climb in Top Supers

Nov 17, 2010 |

Lost in the hoopla about the ascendency of China and GPGPUs in the TOP500 is the continuing saga of the InfiniBand-Ethernet interconnect rivalry.

GPGPUs, China Take the Lead in TOP500

Nov 15, 2010 |

Top seven supercomputers make it into the petaflop club.

What to Look for at SC10

Nov 11, 2010 |

A short list of “can’t miss” sessions at this year’s Supercomputing conference.