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NSF Funds Multi-University Project on Cloud Trustworthiness

Oct 19, 2010 |

The National Science Foundation has granted $3 million to three American universities as they seek to unravel the complex relationship between cloud security and privacy in the context of service-level agreements.

X-Force Warns Earth’s Citizens of Imminent Threat

Aug 25, 2010 |

IBM X-Force has united to deliver a stern message to cloud-using citizens that their workloads might not be safe given a swift uptick in threats from hypervisor attacks and inappropriate application-specific cloud security strategies.

Putting Cloud Storage to the Test

Aug 23, 2010 |

While cloud storage might live up to the hype in terms of cost models, some argue that storage vendors need to enhance their security measures to ensure wider adoption.

Red Hat CTO Declares Cloud Evolution “Decades Away”

Aug 23, 2010 |

During a televised interview this morning with Bloomberg, Red Hat CTO, Brian Stevens discusses security issues preventing large-scale cloud adoption of public clouds, stating that readiness of public clouds is several years away.

The Shape of Enterprise Cloud Models in 2020

Jun 11, 2010 |

This week research firm BroadGroup suggested that by 2020 only 10 percent of all applications will remain within the private cloud for enterprise. To get to the heart of this statement, we discussed this and larger datacenter trends in enterprise with report author Marion Howard Healy.

Top Ten Security Issues for HPC in the Cloud

May 19, 2010 |

Coming up with a list of the top ten threats and concerns in terms of security for HPC in the cloud is the easy part. However, putting that list in an organization-specific order is an exercise in prioritizing issues of not only security, but performance, applications in general, and overall goals.

New Security for Virtualization, Cloud Computing

May 4, 2010 |

Researchers have developed new techniques and software that may be the key to resolving those security concerns and boosting confidence in the sector.

Pico Computing Takes Scale-Up Approach to FPGAs

Feb 17, 2010 |

As high performance computing vendors polish their server and workstation portfolios with the latest multicore CPU and GPGPU wonders, Pico Computing is quietly making inroads into the HPC application space with its FPGA-based platforms. By picking the spots where reconfigurable computing makes the most sense, the company is looking to leverage its scalable FPGA technology to greatest effect.

Security — The Dark Side of the Cloud

Jan 25, 2010 |

Despite the many benefits to cloud computing, security remains one of the biggest challenges. IT organizations have a hard enough time defending their in-house private cloud resources. Companies offering public cloud, pay-for-usage models are faced with a more difficult challenge since they must serve multiple organizations on the same platform. In response to security threats, there is an opportunity for innovation of flexible cloud-based security service offerings.

Confronting Cloud Computing Security Concerns

Sep 16, 2009 |

Cloud computing offers a new, more efficient, and economically attractive model – it’s undoubtedly the next step in the evolution of the data center. Despite the cloud’s advantages, concerns about security are not going away. Are security concerns putting a damper on the enthusiastic acceptance of cloud computing?