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Cray Pushes XMT Supercomputer Into the Limelight

Jan 26, 2011 |

When announced in 2006, the Cray XMT supercomputer attracted little attention. The machine was originally targeted for high-end data mining and analysis for a particular set of government clients in the intelligence community. While the feds have given the XMT support over the past five years, Cray is now looking to move these machines into the commercial sphere. And with the next generation XMT-2 on the horizon, the company is gearing up to accelerate that strategy in 2011.

Wolfram Alpha: A Web-Based Application That Embraced Supercomputers

Jul 9, 2009 |

Wolfram Alpha, the Web-based computational engine introduced in May, is not a traditional supercomputing application, but relies on supercomputers to satisfy its unique requirements.

Gird Your Loins Google, Here Comes Wolfram Alpha

Mar 11, 2009 |

Last week, Mathematica inventor Stephen Wolfram announced that he would be launching a new kind of Internet search engine in May, with the not-so-modest name of Wolfram Alpha.